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David is The Beached Boys' Bass Guitarist, he is our Brian Wilson...

  • STAR SIGN – Capricorn

  • FROM – East London

  • LIKES – Travelling, Beach Vacations, Stella Artois, Restaurants, Planes

  • DISLIKES – Hypocrites, Routine, Tea

  • FAVE FOOD –  Indian

  • FAVE MOVIES – Casablanca, Back to the Future, National Lampoon’s Animal House, The Producers, School for Scoundrels, The Warriors, For a Few Dollars More, Duck Soup, the ‘Carry-on’ movies.

  • FAVEBOOK – The Lord of the Rings

  • FAVE BANDS (besides Beach Boys)– The Beatles, The Byrds, The Monkees, The Ramones, The Surfin’ Lungs, The Ripchords, Boston, The B52’s, Bruce Springsteen and the E–Street Band, The Kinks.

  • FAVE TV  PROGRAMMES – Most Haunted, The Crocodile Hunter, Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones, Ready Steady Go, Star Trek, The League of Gentlemen

  • FAVE CAR – Coupe De Ville.


  1. I Get Around

  2. Good Vibrations

  3. Surfer Girl

  4. Wendy

  5. Your Summer Dream


"My first exposure to the music of the Beach Boys was through a TV commercial. I was about thirteen years old and have no recollection of what the commercial was about other than it featured a cartoon kid on a skateboard to the tune of what I later discovered was “I Get Around”. It was one of those defining moments, I just couldn’t believe it was simply a jingle, it was too good. A year or so later “Good Vibrations” was re-released and climbed high into the charts again, another wonderful record and by a band called the Beach Boys. Just after this, a compilation album was released called “ The Beach Boys, twenty golden greats”. This album contained both these gems and thus became the first proper album I bought with my own money.

What started me learning to play the guitar was an album called “With the Beatles”. I borrowed it from my friend at school Jonathan Ross (yes “the” Jonathan Ross). It was no longer enough to simply listen and sing along. I had to be able to play those songs. I did give the album back….eventually, still kept the copy of  “Rubber Soul” though!"

I have since gone on to play Bass, sometimes Guitar for any number of bands in quite a few different countries and have recorded both here and in the USA. I have had the privilege of meeting Brian Wilson on a number of occasions.