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Kevin is The Beached Boys' Lead Singer, he is our Mike Love...

  • STAR SIGN – Virgo
  • FROM – Camden Town (London).
  • LIKES – Spring, summer, autumn sunshine, smiley people, beach holidays, good music and animals.
  • DISLIKES – Winter, grumpy people (me in the winter!), being ill, rudeness, soap operas and bad drivers.
  • FAVE FOOD – Pizza and ice cream (not together!).
  • FAVE MOVIES – Back to the Future Trilogy, American Graffiti, That Thing You Do, The Getaway(70’s version) & How to Marry a Billionaire.
  • FAVE BOOK – South Sea Adventure by Willard Price.
  • FAVE BANDS (besides the Beach Boys) – Del Amitri, Runrig, Restless Heart, ELO, Status Quo, The Mavericks, Too Rex, and the Black Eyed Peas.
  • FAVE TV PROGRAMMES – Two and a Half Men, Myth Busters, TOTP2, Wildlife SOS, The Fast Show and Auf Wiedersehen Pet.
  • FAVE CAR – Ford Cortina MK3 GXL.


1 All Summer Long.

2 Surfer Girl.

3 Breakaway

4 Everyone’s in Love with You.

5 Your Imagination.

"Having two older sisters, I was introduced to the Beach Boys by them. While all the other kids at their school were raving about the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, they were always loyal to the Beach Boys. I remember getting 'told off' on more than one occasion for sneaking into their room just so I could play “The Best of the Beach Boys”!!

The first album I bought was Beach Boys Greatest Hits, then Sunflower, which is still my fave Beach Boys album even today. Steadily through the years I acquired every Beach Boys album available, eventually replacing them all with CD. The rest, as they say, is history… "