Update 9th June 2016

A couple of summer dates you might want to put in your diaries.

        Boom Boom Club            15th July

Sutton United FC              The Borough Sports Ground
Gander Green Lane
Sutton, Surrey SM1 2EY

Advance 10

Door 12


020 8761 9078

                                                                     Tropic at Ruislip                 29th July


Ruislip Social Club Grosvenor Vale          Ruislip HA4 6JQ



Advance 10

Door 12


020 8707 2256

Update 20th February 2016

Experienced our best summer to date with performances on the Eastbourne & Bournemouth Beach fronts being highlights. Thanks to the Stamford Corn Exchange voluntary staff for the professionalism & courtesy extended to us in August. Also thanks to the BBC for inviting us on a number of their shows during 2015. We are looking forward to hooking up with our old friend Alvin/Elvis in February for the "Pop goes the jukebox weekend".

Update 1st April 2015

Enjoyed our trip up to Malton, N Yorks in February and thanks to Rob Davies for the invite. Once again cheers to Paul Carroll who came up trumps for the 4th year on the trott at Eltham. Summer is on the way and especially happy to be playing for a good friend of the band Mike Deasey at his 65th birthday party in June.

For 2015 we look forward to your continuing support.

Update 1st January 2015

Must just say thanks to Keith Turner(who's 50th birthday we played in October) for remembering us from playing his 40th. Certainly was a step back in time. Also thanks to Steve Knight for giving us a crack at his Birmingham venue.

Update 18th September 2014.

Just to say we have general admission gigs in Birmingham coming up at The Dove House Theatre (9th October) & Oast House (29th November)along with The Towngate Theatre, Basildon (17th October). A thank you to Mark Tarsey in Chichester, Duane at the Beach Hotel & Linda at Roman Park for their hospitality as well as Tony Perrin and the band Embrace for letting us play the headline spot at their secret Knebworth Festival. Also thanks to all who support us at our regular haunts.

Update 1st January 2014

Another year has flown by and we conclude with thanks to Tom Clark (W.P.S.C), Morton Love and Bary Williams for placing us in the various shows. We enjoyed having Cliff Castle (Elvis) as our supporting act at The Brewery Store and wish him all the best for 2014. We look forward to 2014 and a good night at the forthcoming Boom Boom Club gig (24th January).

Update 28th October 2013

Summer has come to an end with us completing various wedding and holiday camp engagements all the way from Leeds to Bracklesham Bay. Big thanks to Paul James (BBC Radio) for his reccomendation and hospitality.

Update 1st August 2013

The band is catching it's breath recovering from a hectic July travelling around the UK. Thanks to all of you supported us at the general public gigs, It was great playing to a packed house at The Horns, Beaverwood Club and The Tropic etc. and hope for your continued support for the forthcoming Boom Boom Club gig on 16th August. Would just like to wish Boy Band CLASS A who supported us at the Wells Festival every success for the future, six great lads. Just to add that tickets are still available for Cliffs Pavilion (30th August). Hope to see you there!

Update 30th June 2013

We would like to thank Helen McCauley for her hospitality last night Re. the band's first visit to Polegate (East Sussex). We had a great time and look forward to returning to the Eastborne area next week for our gig on the beach.

Update May 4th 2013

The band has recently returned from the north of England after completing a gig in Scunthorpe and the DW Stadium in Wigan. We are now looking forward to the summer, have a look at the events page to find out when you can see us!

Update February 27th 2013

The year has got off to a great start with a successful gig at the Boom Boom Club (Sutton United FC) which is always an enjoyable evening for us (We look forward to returning in August), Followed up by a return gig to New Eltham Social Club last Saturday.

update April 27th 2010

First update of the year and this is incredible! We have been asked by the organisers of the Mathew street festival to perform on what is called the classic albums stage and you don't have to be a genius to work out which album they want us to perform. Yeah Right! It's PET SOUNDS. Now some of you will remember Brian Wilson's band performing his Magnum Opus a few years ago at the Royal Festival hall and many other prestigous venues around the world. As I'm sure you will also recall he had (and still has) a ten piece band to play it "live". As there are only six of us, this will be our most ambitious and challenging project to date. This performance is provisionally scheduled to commence on the afternoon of Sunday 29th August and we hope to see plenty of Beach Boys fans there. The Mathew street festival is renowned all over the world as the largest festival of it's kind so it is worth seeing. Over the course of the weekend perhaps more than a million people will visit. For more info please visit www.mathewstreetfestival.org/  Meanwhile if you can't wait until August there are still tickets available for our show at the Millfield Arts Centre, Edmonton on Thursday 13th May, see details below.

Now where's my big Gunn board?

The Beached Boys xx

update December 15th 2009

Well!  Another year (in fact our tenth) draws to a close and a most interesting year it has been for us. If we begin in April when we played the Tropic at Ruislip and we were joined onstage by David Marks. As some bright spark pointed out to us at the time, at that moment we had as many original members  onstage with us as the real Beach Boys do when they perform. Fast forward to August and an article appears in the national monthly periodical "Record Collector" describing us as the best Beach Boy tribute band in the country. Thank you Kingsley Abbott. Finally in October we are chosen to play at the annual Beach Boys convention in the UK. A big thank you to everyone who has attended one of our shows and another thank you for everyone who will be attending one next year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Beached Boys xx

update July 20th 2009

As I'm sure you're all aware we are now officially the best Beach Boys tribute band throughout the UK. Who says so? None other than than well known Beach Boys biographer Kingsley Abbott in the latest issue of Record Collector magazine (August 2009, Issue No 365) so shell out 3.90 and buy your own copy like I did. Kingsley has written a number of books about the Beach Boys (some of which are still in print) These include "Back to the Beach/ed" (think we might have to sue for copyright here) and "The Beach Boys Pet Sounds - The Greatest Album of the 20th Century".

On another note think I'm going to have to change our gig page format. As you're all aware, at  the moment I only really list the gigs that people can get into (for obvious reasons) don't want a bunch of people turning up mob handed at some corporate do. However I'm going to have to be like everyone else and list when we're not free as I keep getting calls from people wanting to book us based on the gig guide. I can sense frustration whenever someone does this and I'm telling them we're not free.

On your boards, ready, set , go!

The Beached Boys xx

update April 13th 2009

Finally some real good news. Did a gig at a new venue on Friday called "the Tropic at Ruislip" which is in, yeah you guessed it, Ruislip. A solid showing for a first gig but for us the most important person in the audience was former original member of the Beach Boys, David Marks who just happened to be here on vacation.

The first half was a mixture of hits plus some lesser known tracks to please the Blueboarders(as the regular board posters from the Brian Wilson website call themselves) who had turned up in reasonable numbers. In the second half we introduced the crowd to Charlotte Cooper, a young lady who is in the process of recording an album. Charlotte is greatly influenced by the music of the Beach Boys and performed a couple of songs from the early mid  sixties era "Don't Worry Baby" and "Devoted to You". She sung these songs very sweetly and was recieved warmly by the crowd. Shortly afterwards we persuaded David Marks to join us onstage and in doing so achieved what few Tribute bands achieve, which is to perform with someone that they are a tribute to. Anyone who is not familiar with David Marks might consider purchasing Jon Stebbins excellent book "David Marks - The lost Beach Boy". In a nutshell David was in the band when they signed their first deal with Capitol records and featured on the first four albums. The songs David chose to play with us were some of the famous songs that he recorded at that time "Surfin', Surfin' Safari, 409, Little Deuce Coupe(which you can find on youtube) and Surfin' USA.

To a degree, fame and fortune passed David Marks by. However he remains a good musician and a true gentleman, unaffected by the fame that he has acquired and we look forward to seeing him again. For the people of Ruislip who came to see the show, 8 to see one of the legends of the Beach Boys on your own doorstep must have seemed a real bargain.

To see some comments about the gig please visit www.brianwilson.com  and go to the community page but be quick as posts come there thick and fast and finally push older posts out.


The Beached Boys xx

update November 11th 2008

A little on the quiet side at the moment so I thought I'd bring you up to date with a few dates to put in your diary for early next year.

update September 15th 2008

Well! Another summer over, blink and you missed it. The Beached Boys gigged to death and now trying to get our breath back. Will be trying to get some shows in over the Christmas period meanwhile you might want to catch the little show listed below.

Wringing the summer out of our socks.

The Beached Boys xx

update June 12th 2008

Continue to be busy. Brian Wilson season is soon to be upon us and I want to catch a show or two. There will also be a Blueboarders event at Ravellos restaurant with a few special guests and some good tucker. As you can see the Beached Boys are playing a number of shows and if you happen to be in Turkey for your summer vacation in the middle of August you may catch one of our shows over there.

Surfing the Med!

The Beached Boys xx

update February 14th 2008

Just bringing our calendar up to date. As you can see we will be playing a large number of holiday camps and caravan parks and at this moment I don't as yet have the details to hand regarding how you will go about bookings to come and see the band. Just bear with me and keep looking at this page and I will have them shortly.

I guess that means that I only have one more thing to say.


The Beached Boys xx

update November 22nd 2007

Late as usual. So let's get on with the show! I've got some cool photos of the Brian Wilson RFH gigs from september which a number of you have kindly sent me and I've finally got round to putting them up on our site. You can get to look at them by going to the EXTRAS page and clicking on the  surfboard marked RFH 2007. Or if you're feeling lazy just click on the RFH icon below.


Also on behalf of the band I would like to express a belated thankyou to everyone who turned up at the Towngate theatre to see our show with Larry & the Streamers. It was a fun night and we made a whole lot of new friends by doing the show. I have just updated the gig list below with some early dates in the new year which I hope to see some if not all of you at.

My Woody's covered with snow!  Arrggh and it smarts!!

The Beached Boys xx

update September 3rd 2007


But lets not get depressing. Although it's corporate time, there are still a few shows that you can get in to see us at as depicted in the table below. I might particularly draw your attention to the Towngate theatre. This is a full on tribute to the sixties with our partners that night, "Larry and the Streamers". Tickets are selling fast so get on the phone as we'd like to see you there. If not I'm sure I will catch you at one of the Brian Wilson shows at the Royal Festival Hall as I'm sure you're all aware of the man's arrival next week with his brand new show.

The motto's SURF OR DIE!

The Beached Boys xx

update July 27th 2007

                                                                 STOP PRESS!

The Beached Boys are to appear at the Towngate theatre, Basildon, Essex as the special guests of top Essex band, LARRY & THE STREAMERS. This event is taking place on Thursday 11th October. The entry fee for this "Back to the 60's extravaganza" is a mere 10.00. To book please call the Box office on 01268 465465 or alternatively call members of either band.

Larry & the Streamers  (Larry) 01268 293293

The Beached Boys  (David) 020 8989 2565  


update July 17th 2007

Welcome to summer in the UK! And hasn't it sucked big time. Ah well still plenty of time for everything to pick up and we will be doing our bit. Already some triumphant gigs and more to come, in fact a couple of important additions, just look on the list below.

Just a few weeks ago some of us went over to Belgium to see Brian Wilson playing his own Birthday bash. We had a cracking time at the gig and a bit of a singsong with the Blueboarders afterwards. Unfortunately we couldn't hang around as we had to be up early for a gig in Dublin (you didn't see details on this site as we don't list gigs that the general public can't get in to see us at). We'll be making up for it though in September when Brian returns to the Royal Festival hall to perform his new work "That lucky old sun", and I'm a lucky old "son" as I've got a ticket for the first night and the word is that some of the new material is some of his best. Mouthwatering prospect huh!

Well it's good weather for ducks and surfers and if the wind keeps blowing the way it has done then there will be some Tsunami sized waves to ride.

Hang on to your surfboards!

The Beached Boys xx

update May 4th 2007

Hi Guys, long time no see! I'll just have to make up with a new gig list and here it is.

Not all details available at this moment in time but keep coming back for more updates.

" Looks like there will be a busy summer of surfin"

The Beached Boys xx

 update March 27th 2007

First of all to thank those of you who made it to the Boom Boom club last Friday. It was an excellent turn out and we had a great time, we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

We have a number of gigs coming up that people will be able to attend. At this moment however there is a lack of detail to provide you with. We have a gig coming up at the end of April which it is possible to come and see us perform at. This gig is


                                                                      TICKETS  7.00

As this is a CIU club the comittee cannot be seen to be advertising this gig to the general public. People may be able to  purchase tickets at the door but as these events are known to sell out you are advised to contact the band directly.

You can reach us by going to the contacts page and making use of the e-mail link. From this link please provide us with contact details and your ticket requirements and we will pass these on to the club.

Meanwhile as soon as I have better information regarding other gigs I will make this known on this site. Thankyou for your patience.

Get ready for summer!

The Beached Boys xx

update February 22nd 2007

Well into the new year and I'm well late on making the first contribution to the newspage. My apologies to everyone.

Firstly a big thankyou to everyone who made it to the shows at Butlins, and especially to those of you who made a contribution to the guestbook, all these things are greatly appreciated.

Our next gig is at the Boom Boom club on Friday 23rd March and we look forward to you all making your presence felt, remember  "Summer starts here". You can find full details of the gig in the previous update, just scroll down.

Finally would just like to give a mention to Mandy who seems to make it to almost all our gigs no matter how far away.  We truly appreciate this and look forward to seeing you soon.

Time to wax your boards, the next big wave is coming!

The Beached Boys xx

update November 16th 2006

Finally time for an update. What an extended weekend for us. First of all a gig in the main Ballroom at Butlins - Bognor Regis one big party involving 2500 people then back to London on the Sunday to witness the only Brian Wilson gig in the country this year at the Adelphi Theatre. After the show Darian Sahanaja, Scott Bennett, Probyn Gregory and Nelson Bragg were all front of house doing a meet and greet with the fans. You have to admire these guys, absolutely brilliant musicians and no attitude problem amongst them, they set an example that a lot of lesser guys might follow, and did I mention the "big guy", on cracking form not only singing well but at ease and comfortable with his fans. Then it was back to the hotel and a singsong with the rest of the "blueboarders". They insisted that we who were there, Kevin, John, Alan and myself give some renditions of Beach Boys' songs. We were joined doing this by Tony Rivers and we continued this the following evening at "the Boston Arms" where Tony Rivers joined us onstage for most of the second half. We were also highly delighted that Scott Bennett decided to have a look at us and was equally happy to join us onstage to peform a couple of songs. "Scotty" is a multi-talented instrumentalist who when playing in the Brian Wilson band is obviously much more in the background but here he had an opportunity to show what he could do and did. He has a huge singing voice and is a "massive" guitarist but we don't hold that against him as he is a real gent as well.

Oh and by the way did I say that the Adelphi was BW's only London show, not strictly true as on the Tuesday Brian Wilson was at the "Ally Pally" to be inducted into the British Music hall of fame. At the event he performed with his band "God only knows" and "Good Vibrations" He was inducted into the hall of fame by Dave Gilmour who professed himself to have been a fan of the Beach Boys from his youth. Brian wasn't the only person to be "inducted". To my delight, James Brown was also on the list and performed "I feel good". Also  inducted were Bon Jovi who also performed three of their songs "Livin' on a prayer", "Dead or alive" and "It's my life", Prince, Rod Stewart, and Sir George Martin were also inducted and there was a posthumous induction for the late great Dusty Springfield. To help comemorate her career Patti La Belle came on to sing "You don't have to say you love me" followed by Joss Stone singing "Son of a preacher man". You just don't realise how good that girl is till you see her "live".

Anyway a number of us plus fellow blueboarders had a cracking night out and hopefully we will all see each other at a gig near you. Oh and by the way, word has it that when the Royal Festival hall re-opens in June that guess who will be the first to to have a crack at playing it? No! not us, Brian Wilson will be doing six nights. You heard it here first and you might see some of us down there when he's back in his London home from home.

Some of you may be able to catch us at our next outing at Butlins - Skegness on 8th December, otherwise watch out for that surfboard!

The Beached Boys xx.

update October 26th 2006

Hot off the press! The Beached Boys will be playing a gig on Monday 13th November at "the  Boston Arms", 178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park, London N19 5QQ. Opposite Tufnell Park Tube station. The Doors will open at 8.00pm and entrance on the door will be 7. Bearing in mind that this is when the Brian Wilson band is in town and there may be a few VIP guests, this is the not to miss gig of the year.

Bring your own sand!

The Beached Boys xx.

update October 18th 2006

Just to let you all know that  we are now on myspace.com  just click on the link www.myspace.com/thebeachedboys  and it should take you there. Also due to the dates of the 12th & 14th of Nov being taken up by events featuring the main man himself we are contemplating setting up an event of our own for the 13th Nov so watch this space.

This wave could be tidal!

The Beached Boys xx.

update September 21st 2006

Sorry we haven't updated the newspage recently, a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes which some of you know about anyway, not least the arrival of Brian Wilson on the 12th Nov at the Adelphi, London. We shall be there to see that show so I'm sure we'll bump into some of you. Obviously the amount of gigs that we can be seen at in the winter thins out a bit but this will bring us up to date till the end of December.

Unfortunately it is a bit heavy with Butlins gigs but as soon as there are a few other shows, then I will make that knowledge availiable.

Just remember November 12th, the biggest wave yet!

The Beached Boys xx.

update September 3rd 2006

Thank you to everyone who's been at one of our shows in the past couple of weeks and especially to everyone who's posted on our guestbook, your comments have been both kind and positive and as such are appreciated by everyone in the band. We still have other shows coming up (just scroll a little further down for details) and will be equally pleased to see you in attendance.

The summer ain't over yet!

The Beached Boys xx.

update August 8th 2006

Just back from the studio.

We have just finished (with the help of Col from "Too Rex") the recording of a few of the more famous "Beach Boys" songs which we will make available in due course.

Meanwhile many of you are aware of the long recording career of "Beached Boys" keyboard player Alan Carvell. Well! it's now possible to own the entire back catalogue on a double CD compilation called "ALL MINE" which has just been released on Japanese label "EM Records" and contains the legendary skateboarding album "Skateboard Rampage". To find out how to acquire this set just go to www.emrecords.net  for more details.

Lets go "sidewalk surfin"!

The Beached Boys xx.

update July 27th 2006

Wow! these updates are now flying in thick & fast.

To everyone who made it to gigs over the weekend thanks for your attendance, whether to Pontlliw(Glamorgan Arms), Weston-Super-Mare, or to Newport city centre, the name of the Beached Boys is indelibly stamped on the South-West. Special thanks must definitely be given to Mandy Miles who worked beyond the call of duty setting up the gig at Weston-Super-Mare AFC.

On Wednesday George and David from the band went to Croydon to see former "Beach Boy" Glen Campbell in concert. At 70 years of age he's still the man

Well! off to wax my board, Ciao for now!

The Beached Boys xx.

update July 25th 2006

Hove Town Hall July 29th, Gig CANCELLED! The Beached Boys offer their sincere apologies for this, unfortunately this matter was not within our hands. I can only say that at least we shall be performing on Friday at the "Boom Boom Club"  www.boomboomlive.co.uk where we hope to see a number of you.

Standby for more updates for August and Beyond.

The Beached Boys xx.

update July 12th 2006

Stop press!

The Beached Boys will be performing at the Matthew St festival, Liverpool on Bank holiday Monday 28th August. We will be appearing on "stage 1", Pier head north at 11am, so set your alarm clocks.

ps As some of you may have noticed we have set up a new guestbook until our provider sorts out the problems with the old one so feel free to use it to express your opinions and viewpoints.

The Beached Boys xx.

hmm! wonder when the next wave to Liverpool is?

update July 7th 2006

Hi everybody, you just can't keep me away from this board.

This weekend we're off to Guernsey to do a gig but apart from that we have a busy July ahead.

The first gig to get along to is "the Glamorgan Arms" on Friday 21st. You can locate this at a place called Pontlliw, junction 47 of the M4. Ticket prices for the event can be found by going to www.glamorganarms.co.uk  and telephoning the pub.

On Saturday 22nd, we shall be performing at Weston-Super-Mare FC. The address for the venue is the Woodspring Stadium, Winterstoke Road, Weston-Super-Mare, BS24 9AA. This is an event being organised with the help of Mandy Miles, a fellow blueboarder. To purchase tickets, please contact the venue on 01934 621618 or Mandy on 07917 197703 or failing that please go to the contacts page on this site and use either the telephone number or the e-mail address there. Ticket prices are 8 for adults and 5 for children.

On the 28th of July we return to the Boom Boom Club which is located at yet another football club, this one being Sutton Utd FC. The address is the borough sports ground, Gander Green lane, Sutton, Surrey SM1 2EY. You can find out more details at www.boomboomlive.co.uk

Finally on the 29th of July we are playing at Hove town hall, which is in Norton Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 4AH. Tickets are 9.50 advance, or 11.50 on the door. To book tickets in advance please call 0870 900 9100 or go to www.brightoncentre.co.uk  This event is being organised by another fellow blue boarder Allan Clarkson so I hope plenty of support is given here also.

Standby for the next bulletin! This will be the biggest wave.

The Beached Boys xx.

update June 30th 2006

As some of you may have noticed we are having trouble with our message board provider. If any of you wish to leave messages for us to pick up, you could leave them at the Brian Wilson message board www.brianwilson.com where we regularly drop by. Meanwhile we will attempt to rectify the problem asap.


update June 22nd 2006

My! Doesn't time fly by.

Well here we are in late June and the Beached Boys have been busy busy busy! Started doing the sixties weekends at Butlins and they have been going down a storm. Also a couple of weeks ago we did Charlie's 21st birthday party. Charlie who? you say. Well Charlie, until last year was the bass player in a chart topping power pop band called "Busted" but has since moved on to playing in a much harder edged band called "Fightstar", but more importantly has declared himself a fan of the greatest band of all time namely the Beach Boys.

Anyway we still have loads of gigs coming up starting with next Thursday 29th June at the Woodville Halls theatre in Gravesend www.woodvillehalls.com  Apart from ourselves there will be many famous and some famous dead people ressurecting themselves just for your entertainment, so call the box office on 01474 33 77 74 and get yourself rockin' in the aisles.


In July, as I have already stated in the earlier bulletin the band has upcoming gigs in a number of places in London, the South West & Wales, and the South coast(see details in the bulletins below). I will be coming back here soon with details of more gigs after July. For those of you saying "Why don't they come further north and west", we will be able to provide details of those as well.

Well thats me totally "Wiped Out" again. Too much typing! See you at the next Luau.

The Beached Boys xx.


We have now added some further features to the website. If you left-click on the "extras" shirt on the homepage, you'll find we have more photos, stories and poster samples. We hope you enjoy these additions and maybe let us know how we can further improve the site.

update May 3rd 2006

Here we go then!

The next Beached Boys gig is on Thursday 29th June at the Woodville Halls theatre, Woodville place, Gravesend DA12 1DD. We will be appearing as "The Beached Boys and Friends", Those friends will be Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley(a few resurrections going on here I think?). But seriously, some excellent tributes to some worthy artists, and on top of everything else the show will be hosted by Paul James of BBC Radio Kent, all for the princely sum of 12.50 (10.50 for Children and over 60's).

For tickets, call the box office on 01474  33 77 74. For more information please go to www.woodvillehalls.com   the show starts at 7.30pm so get off work early or take a sickie, in fact just get the boss along to the show!

See you at the next update, hang ten till then!

The Beached Boys xx.

update April 17th 2006

Summer Gigs

A big thank you to everyone who made it down to the Standard music venue to make such a big noise, it was much appreciated by everyone in the band. Here are some new dates to put in your diaries.

The next big date we need your support for is on Thursday the 29th June at the Woodville Theatre, Ashford, Kent. At the moment details are a bit thin on the ground, but watch this space for the rest of the information regarding this gig.

In July we begin our mini-tour of South Wales and South West England. On Friday 21st July we will be appearing at the Glamorgan Arms, Pontlliw. This is just off junction 47 of the M4. For tickets please contact the venue on 01792 882409 or go to www.glamorganarms.co.uk  tickets on sale at 8 each.

On Saturday 22nd July we will be appearing at Weston Super Mare FC, Woodspring Park, Winterstoke Road, Weston Super Mare BS23 2YG. This is being organised with the help of Mandy Miles from the BW blue board so it will be possible to speak to her regarding some details. At the moment we have just acquired this gig so details are sketchy.

On Friday 28th July we will be back in London to perform at the Boom Boom club, Sutton Utd FC, the Borough Sports Ground, Gander Green lane, Sutton, Surrey SM1 2EY. Tickets are 8 advance 10 door. Please visit www.boomboomlive.co.uk for more details.

Finally on Saturday 29th July we will be at the Hove Centre, Brighton. This is a summertime special being organised by yet another stalwart of the BW blue board, Allan Clarkson. Once again more  details will soon be available here so keep visiting the site, or see stuff about this and other events on the Brian Wilson message board. www.brianwilson.com 

Wow! after all this typing, I've hardly got the strength to wax my board, totally wiped out! Look out for the next wave.

The Beached Boys xx.

update March 17th 2006


Hi Everybody

Been a couple of weeks since the site was last updated so here's the scoop. The next important date to have in your diary is Saturday the 15th April when we will be at the Standard Music Venue, 1 Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow, E17 6DS. For more information please visit www.standardmusicvenue.co.uk


Meanwhile, this weekend the band is finally about to embark on making some much needed recordings so we will be in the studio from this Sunday onwards. If anyone has any suggestions of songs to do we would be glad of your imput.


OK! Here comes my wave, see you at the next update.


The Beached Boys xx.


update March 1st 2006


Hi  fellow Surfers.

Thanks to all who made it to Plastic Red on Friday. If we personally didn't see you, in our defence it was very busy.

This March we are playing a few gigs that it's possible to come along to.


On Sunday 12th March, we are playing the Devonshire Park Theatre, Compton Street, Eastbourne BN21 4BP. Ticket prices at the Box office are 12.50 and the web address for the theatre is www.eastbourne-theatres.co.uk/devonshire.asp  


We are also performing for the first time at Butlins at Bognor Regis on Sunday 26th March. This I believe to be part of one of their fabulous 60's weekends so come along and support us.


Finally for those of you who live nearer London we shall be performing at Big Boppa's on Saturday Ist April. This is in East Lodge lane, just off the Ridgeway, which runs between Enfield and Potters Bar, and is located in the sports club on the right. Tickets I believe to be 10 Admission is limited and you won't be able to get in without telephoning Mike Deasey first!!

For more information please contact Mike Deasey on 0208 292 7562.


Until then be ready for the next wave.


The Beached Boys  xx.




update February 21st 2006

Hi and thank you to everyone who made it down on a cold, wet and miserable Sunday night, to the Hollywood music venue, where the temperature was raised inside by you guys.

Special thanks have to be extended to "the Blueboarders" especially to Jacqui, Sue and Allan for their endeavours on the blue board to keep the interest up. Also to Mandy and Mick for driving all the way down from "Weston Super-Mare, we felt humbled at your efforts to be there. Thanks again and if you feel up to it, see you at "Plastic Red".

The Beached Boys XX

update February 16th 2006

The Beached Boys at Plastic Red!

If you are sufficiently recovered from the rigours of watching us perform on the 19th of Feb at the Hollywood, the Beached Boys will be appearing on the 24th Feb at a venue called "Plastic Red" which is just across the river. The address is 101 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent. DA15 7BS. Entry is 6 and the doors open at 8.00pm. We played here last year and it is a comfortable place to see a band. There will be a DJ and dancing is permitted. Hope some of you can make it if you're not surfed out.

May the Surf be with you!

update February 11th 2006

The Beached Boys have just recorded a short session for BBC Radio Essex 103.5 & 95.3FM www.bbc.co.uk/essex The session will be broadcast on Tuesday 14th Feb on the Ray Clark Show around the time 6.00 - 630pm GMT . Anyone not living in the Essex area can pick up the live feed by clicking on the link above and locating the part of the site which provides access to the live feed.

The Beached Boys have released few recordings. Most notably a few years ago we did a session for Jeff Beck on a track called "Hotrod Honeymoon". You can find this track on the Jeff Beck album titled very simply "JEFF". In the ensuing months the band hope to rectify this oversight so watch this space. However this week some of the Beached Boys were involved with recording vocals for local songwriter David Stopp and a song he has called "What ever happened to the Beach Boys?" You can find more about him on his site www.davidstopp.co.uk I'll let you all know as soon as he decides to release it.

Hang ten till then!